March 2023

Welcoming our new flock of sheep to the estate

After carrying out trials with a few sheep in our vineyards for eco-grazing, we decided to purchase our own flock and care for them year round.  
And so, since the beginning of this year, the estate has had about fifteen sheep on-site– and that is just a start! They are there to maintain the crop cover in certain plots in which it is difficult to mow using modern methods. 


With this agroecological approach, our sheep will participate in maintaining the vineyards in the autumn and winter by grazing to keep crop cover between the rows of vines under control and by fertilizing the soil.  
As soon as the first leaves appear on the vines, we will move them to the estate’s various meadows where they will be able to graze to their heart’s content on natural grasses and we won’t have to worry about them eating the tender vine leaves!


The flock will be expanded in the coming months or years once we have gained experience with and confidence in our new colleagues!