September 2018

The 2018 harvest at Château de la Chaize

The 2018 harvest: the first in small crates 


The 2018 harvest was conducted under optimal conditions throughout the entire Château de la Chaize estate.


Weather conditions at the beginning of September boosted the spirits and enthusiasm of our 125 grape pickers, who were divided into 5 teams of 25. The weather had been particularly sunny and dry that summer, which resulted in nice ripe, healthy grapes. Before vinification even got underway, the harvest showed excellent promise for the vinification of our wines. 


In order to preserve the grapes on their way to the winery, they were transported for the first time in perforated 13-kg (28-lb) crates. This technique obviously requires more complex logistics, but above all, it prevents the grapes from being crushed during transport from the vineyard to the winery, and to avoid any premature oxidation of the juices, which would be detrimental to the quality of the wines.