October 2018

Monitoring the vineyards

Precise and instantaneous observation of climatic parameters: weather stations


The Château de la Chaize estate is comprised of approximately 150 hectares (370.65 acres) of vines, divided between various and highly unique plots. Taking climatic data into account for the maintenance of the vines is perfectly integrated into our mission: incorporating the entire wine-producing estate in an ambitious, demanding environmental project that respects the terroirs.


Château de La Chaize has recently purchased connected weather stations, so that we can monitor the conditions in our various plots in real time. Today, a dozen of these stations are connected to a server, and installed in the estate’s strategic plots. Such technology is still very rarely used. 


Thanks to precise knowledge of variations in temperature, rainfall, air humidity along with wind speed and direction, these weather stations allow us to adapt our interventions throughout the growth cycle of the vines. 


A GPS sensor placed in the vineyard also makes predictions more reliable, allowing us to better anticipate our interventions without physically having to go to check on each of our plots.