June 2023

Experience the excellence of the Beaujolais vineyards
along a new wine route

Along the Saône River valley, between Lyon, World Capital of Gastronomy, and Mâcon, a medieval city on the border of two dukedoms that were long-standing rivals, stretches a winegrowing region rich with heritage and history – the Beaujolais. More than 300 châteaux, fortresses and manors dot the countryside with their beautiful stones and vineyards. Here, thousands of visitors, or holidaymakers passing through, choose to stop to discover our architectural, artisanal and culinary heritage. 
And so, Château de La Chaize and Château de Corcelles decided to put together a self-guided wine tour of the châteaux in the Beaujolais. Each château boasts remarkable architecture, unique history and heritage of interest to tourists, along with wines that showcase the quality of the Beaujolais appellations. 


10 flagship Châteaux have joined in the venture of being flagships for the Beaujolais region’s viticultural heritage by opening their doors to the public. We are delighted to share their names with you: Château de Juliénas, Château de Poncié, Château des Jacques, Château de Corcelles, Château de Bellevue, Château des Ravatys, Château de La Chaize, Château de Nervers, Château de Champ-Renard and Château de Lachassagne (from north to south).

Delving into the secrets of the Beaujolais’ vineyards, experiencing unique moments and unforgettable encounters while being initiated to wine tasting is now possible thanks to an exclusive, atypical, roadbook. 

This roadbook, designed by the “Châteaux en Beaujolais” association, invites you to set off to discover ten flagship Beaujolais Châteaux while offering you the opportunity to benefit from exclusive privileges as early as your second visit.


Follow the route at your own pace to discover exceptional wines along with rich, diverse heritage.  


Roadmap to download from the association's website: www.chateauxenbeaujolais.fr