Château de La Chaize


Château de La Chaize is a wine estate that covers 400 hectares (988 acres), including 150 hectares (370 acres) of vineyards.

This unique situation has forged a jewel of an ecosystem that enables the estate to apply viticulture that emphasizes soil life, diversity of plant life and the sustained presence of many animal species. Each aspect contributes to the balanced, rich and thriving ecosystem at Domaine du Château de La Chaize. Woodlands and meadows surround the estate, forming a natural barrier that adds to the natural protection of the vines. They serve as a natural tool for biotope control in order to express the quintessence of the vineyards.


Estate woodlands cover 300 hectares (740 acres) of land. They are home to both hardwoods such as green oak, ash, acacias… and conifers including Douglas pine and cedar trees.

The diversity of the tree species and the well-protected geographic situation also significantly contribute to the preservation and balance of the biotopes. A simple forest management plan defines maintenance for the woodlands, allowing the forest to gradually regenerate on its own while sheltering the delicate balances that exist.
The biomass produced from forest maintenance is upcycled into wood chips that are now the ecological fuel used to heat the château.


Château de La Chaize has 25 beehives, located above the vineyard site of "Combiliaty". They produce around 500 kg of wildflower honey every year.

Bees can fly up to 3 kilometers around their hive to forage the various species of trees, shrubs and plants of the estate. Besides, the bees are helping to promote pollination, thus improving the production of our fruit trees.

We take great care of their well-being by sowing flower meadows, planting honey species, creating water basins and fighting against predators (Asian hornets in particular).

The honey produced is then packaged at the estate by our team, and will be available for sale in our shop!