Château de La Chaize

The Cuvage

The magnificent cuvage is registered  as National Historical Monument. Designed and built in 1771, it can accomodate a harvest of 150 hectares (370 acres).


Specially-equipped forklifts are used for the gravity transfer of the grapes into the tanks. The Gamay Noir is vinified in the traditional manner and thermo-regulated after approximately two weeks of maceration, depending on the cuvée. At the end of the alcoholic fermentation, the must is pressed using a pneumatic horizontal press and a high performance vertical press. The free run and the press wine are carefully transferred to the cellar, again a 100% gravity operation, to continue the wine-making process.


The 108-meter long cellar is one of the biggest cellars from the 18th century in the entire world.

The cellar holds 50 wooden tanks used for malolactic fermentations followed by 8 to 18 months of maturing, depending on the wine profile that is sought. Throughout the changing seasons, hygrometry and temperature remain constant, highly important for the long slow maturation of the wines.