Château de La Chaize

Grape harvest 2018: grape crates for the first time

The 2018 grape harvest took place in optimum conditions throughout the vineyards at Domaine du Château de la Chaize.

The weather conditions in early September sparked enthusiasm and dynamics that drove our 5 teams of 25 cutters. The dry, sunny summer gave rise to beautifully ripe and healthy grapes. A very promising start to making our 2018 wines.

For the very first time this year, we used 13-kg open-work grape bins to transport the grapes from the vines to the winery, This technique, implemented to protect the integrity of the grapes up until they reach the winery, requires more logistics, but it does reduce any crushing of the grapes between the parcel and the chai, thus avoiding premature oxidation of the juices, which is of utmost importance for quality wine.