Château de La Chaize

Accurate, real-time weather monitoring: weather stations

Domaine du Château de la Chaize spreads across one single 285-hectare stretch of land that encompasses 130 hectares of vineyards in 16 different climates. Taking specific weather information into account fits perfectly into our project: place the vinicultural activity at the Domaine at the heart of an ambitious, demanding environmental approach that focuses on making wine that reflects our terroirs.

Domaine du Château de la Chaize thus recently acquired connected weather stations that provide real-time data on the weather in the different parcels. Currently there are 6 weather stations installed on strategic parcels on the estate. They collect data that feeds directly into a server, providing information used for management and decision-making. This technology is relatively new.

With specific accurate information on temperatures, rainfall, relative humidity and wind speed and direction, we can evaluate and adapt our interventions at every step of our vineyard management.

Geo-localisation at the GPS point of the sensors placed in the vines makes parcel-based forecasts more reliable. Analysis of these forecasts helps us to better anticipate our actions without having to systematically go into each parcel.