Château de La Chaize

Harvest reception: sorting table and destemmer

Our latest acquisition: harvest reception that enables us to first sort grapes by hand (vibrating sorting table) then mechanically (selective sorting). The latest step in our continuous improvement service for our wines, on a par with Domaine du Château de la Chaize standards.

The grapes now arrive at the winery in vented 13-kg grape crates (see our article on the 20189 harvest) where they are immediately sorted on our new grape reception:

Grapes are first sorted by hand on a vibrating table, which eliminates any remaining leaves, any insects in the bunches and any residual lessthan-ripe grape-berries.

The stemming operation then takes place, separating the grapes from the stalk (the green core that holds the grapeberries). Unlike the stalk separator, this mechanical sorting machine sorts berry by berry based on size, density and ripeness, and protects berry integrity until the grapes reach the winery. Not all the grape harvest is destemmed at Domaine du Château de la Chaize, for depending on the winemaking; some parcels are fermented unstemmed, in whole clusters.

The grape crates are rinsed with high-pressure pure water before heading back to the vineyard.