Château de La Chaize


Côte de Brouilly

9.7 hectares of vines on the hillside zone west of Mont Brouilly, at an altitude of 300 to 420 meters. These vines face west and grow on hillsides with a 27% slope.

Here too the soil contains Brouilly diorite (andesite) also referred to as "blue stone" on the higher part of the slope and porphyroid granite on the lower part.

Tilled soil:

Sandy loam texture
Water retention: 52,11 mm
Total CEC: 7,00
% organic matter: 1,20


Water retention: 52,11mm
Total CEC: 3,90
% organic matter: 0,50

Cation distribution in the CEC (%)

Texture Triangle

Soil texture is defined by the size of the particles making up the soil.

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